Ness Island  watercolour   framed 94x76cms  available
 Mysterious Light  Watercolour  framed 94x76cms  Available    
 Spirit Elevation  watercolour  framed 94x76cms  available
 Tiptoe Farm  watercolour   framed 94x76cms  available
 Spirit Elevation III  Watercolour   framed 94x76cms  available   
 Flooded Field  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Available
 Tide Marks II  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Available
 Shower Clouds II  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Available   
 Falling Leaves  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Sold
 Blue Coast  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  available
 Blue Calm, River Till  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Available
 Sunny Intervals, Maxton  Watercolour  framed 94x76cms  Available
 Morning Freight  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Available
 Mertoun Bridge, River Tweed  Watercolour  94x76cms  Available
 Spirit Elevation I  Watercolour  framed 94x76cms  Available
 Carham  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Sold
 North Shore, Evening  Watercolour   Framed 94x76cms  Sold
 River Till, Etal  watercolour  framed 94x76cms  Sold
 Reflections  Watercolour   framed 94x76cms  available
 Shower cloud II  watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Available   
 Shower Cloud I  Watercolour  Framed 94x76cms  Sold   
 Evening on the Till  watercolour  framed 94x76cms  Sold   
 Farmhouse, Goswick  watercolour   Framed 30x26cms  Available
 Bendibus Island, Tweed  Watercolour  Framed 30x26cms  Available
 Tweed above Peebles  Watercolour  Framed 30x26cms  Sold
 Winter Coast  Watercolour  Framed 30x26cms  available
 Winter Coast II  watercolour   Framed 30x26cms  available
 Farmhouse, Tillmouth  Watercolour  Framed30x26cms  sold
 Newton by The Sea  pen and watercolour  framed30x26cms  Available
 Yorkshire Wolds  Pen and watercolour  framed 30x26cms  available
 Iron Rails, Holy Island  pen and watercolour  framed 30x26cms  available
 Till valley  Pen  Framed30x26cms  available
 River Tyne,Low tide  Pen  framed 30x26cms  available
 Autumn Lane  Pen  Framed 30x26cms   available
 Yorkshire Wolds, Barn  Pen and watercolour  Framed 30x26cms  available   
 Boston Spa Viaduct  Pen  framed 30x26cms  available
 Spittal Beach  Pen  Framed30x26 cms  avalable
 Shadowed Lane  Pen  framed 30x26cms  available
 Fenham le Moor Farm  Pen   framed 30x 26cms  available
 Yorkshire Wolds  Pen and watercolour  framed30x26cms  sold
 River Tyne, Hexham  pen and watercolour  framed 30x26cms   available
 Henlaw Farm , Northumberland  pen and watercolour  framed 30x26cms  available
November, river Till
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